Here are some of what the attendees say about the Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP®) program.

“This course has challenged me to think outside the box and reinforced the concept of relationships are what sales is all about. In retrospect, I have fallen into the trap of ‘managing the account’ and not managing the relationships. Great course, great instructor. Very relevant.”
- Operations Manager, Metals and Mining

“The LAMP® process puts all of our key players on the same page and allows us to focus cooperatively on our goals and objectives. It helps us allocate resources to our focus investments and think strategically when to stop investments. I would say that one of the best things about it is having a common strategy and language that we can use to communicate about our client relationships from the front lines all the way up to senior management.”
- Director of Sales, Insurance

“I am thinking about an account as a whole rather than one piece at a time. I am able to apply ‘big picture’ thinking on my calls and get clients to think of us as a total solution provider.”
- Salesperson, Business Process Outsourcing

“We are using the Gold Sheet with the sales teams for each account to make sure we are dealing with the right people and issues in the sales process. It keeps us more on track and takes away the subjectivity.”
- Salesperson, Laboratory Automaton and Diagnostics

“The Gold Sheet assisted in laying out the steps towards improving or sustaining contact information for accounts and also a strategy for how relationships will be maintained and how sales objectives will be met.”
- Operations Manager, Marine Classification

“The LAMP® plan helped us implement a consistent way of managing our account relationship with [client]. This LAMP® is a good the way to set strategic activities that can lead to the use of Green and Blue sheets in order to improve the way we deal with our clients and reach the status of trusted partner.”
- Account Manager, Financial Services

“The course did a fantastic job of pulling my head up above all of the weeds that I’ve been working on to see what some of my bigger issues are.  I’m looking forward to applying the learnings and growing my business with my important accounts.”
- Account Manager, Food and Beverage Industry

“The LAMP® training session was very in depth and made me approach my relationships, internally and externally, in a different light. The Gold Sheet process provided a great framework for developing a strategy with each relationship.”
- Sales Manager, Financial Services

“Using LAMP®, our people can gain a fuller understanding of a client’s strategic business plan, organizational structure, management practices, information systems, operations and other critical areas. From these, we can work with management to develop coordinated programs for dealing more effectively with the opportunities and challenges at hand.”
- CEO and Senior Partner, Accounting and Consulting

“This program fills in a lot of gaps in my account management training. I especially like the concept of sharing the plan with the customer. What a concept. This completely changes the relationship. Genius.”
Sales Account Manager, Business Services

“LAMP® showed us how to further involve customer representatives with our sales team in setting an account strategy. It helped us identify and understand the variety of customer roles and perceptions that exist within an account. The process fits well within our overall long-term plan for aggressive sales goals. LAMP® is state-of-the-art and really fills a critical need.”
- Sales Vice President, Network Communication Systems