Would you like to certify individuals within your organization to facilitate Miller Heiman sales programs? Miller Heiman’s Train-the-Trainer programs allow you to become a Miller Heiman Client Associate by attending an intensive four-day workshop for each selling process to be implemented. Currently, certification is available for Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling®, LAMP®, Executive Impact, Manager’s Coaching for Strategic Selling®, and Negotiate Success.

What are the Benefits to Your Organization?

  • Allows the programs to be tailored to your organization through the use of specific examples and sales experiences
  • Enables your organization to run smaller, more cost-effective programs
  • Delivery of the programs may coincide with other sales events and may be integrated with other sales-oriented training procedure or education

How Does it Work?
During our four-day Leader Training Institutes, you will discuss program concepts in depth, learn to introduce and develop each concept, design your own teaching plans, and practice teaching each of the concepts. Attendees are usually sales managers, senior sales executives, or a representative from an in-house training organization. You must complete approximately eight hours of preparatory work prior to attending the Leader Training Institute.

To attend the Leader Training Institute, you must have previously attended the corresponding program.  (For example, you must have attended Strategic Selling® prior to attending the Leader Training Institute for Strategic Selling®.)