Here are some of what the attendees say about the Conceptual Selling® program.

“Miller Heiman’s Conceptual Selling® gave us tools we needed to put all of our resources to best advantage. I have had zero complaints from clients/customers about hard selling salespeople. In fact, sixty-two people who bought were referred by other buyers. We closed over 50 percent of the people who returned from a property tour. These things don’t happen if you use a hard sell approach.”
- VP of Real Estate Sales

“Time management is a key point on a daily basis, the Conceptual Selling® techniques allow me to define the reason for the sales call and not just ‘wing’ it.”
- Salesperson, Healthcare

“I am going in with a different approach of how I can help the company improve on their current situation instead of just selling them something.”
- Salesperson, Telecommunications

“Conceptual Selling® talks about things that make the ‘close’ almost automatic. If you practice Conceptual Selling® principles, the quality of the ‘close’ is a thousand-fold improved.”
- Senior Vice President, Food manufacturing

“The sales training streamlined and put a formal process to my routine. I think each member of my team was doing bits and pieces of the process. Now, our meetings and discussions all follow a common set of guidelines with very clear expectations. This allows my team to focus more on selling, and allowing me as their manager to have an overview of their process to determine where and when perhaps to step in and coach through the process.”
- Sales Director, Technology

“I am more effective asking the right questions the first time around instead of having to circle back later.”
- Account Manager, Healthcare

“A prospect called for a quote and we insisted on first holding discussions and understanding his needs before putting up the quote. It turned out that they had decided who to go along with and only needed our quote to fulfill the control requirements which required that at least three bids be considered for each major training assignment. Attempting to understand their concept and clarifying it with the various buying influences credentialed us and eventually gave us an engagement to redefine the supply requirements. We were paid for this and also paid for the training as well as other engagements simply because we chose not to propose without a clear understanding and agreement on the buyers’ concepts.”
- VP Business Development, Consulting

“I started getting action commitments much earlier in the sale than ever before and has helped me close business faster and leave more time for prospecting.”
- Salesperson, Travel and Leisure

“My closing ratio has increased substantially because I have made every sales call much more effective. I have learned how to better position our products, services and my individual value with the exact need of the customer.”
- Salesperson, Telecommunications

“I realized that I was selling upside down by selling our suite of products before understanding the client’s needs. I have now changed my approach to a consultative one; first understanding the needs and then delivering the solution!”
- Salesperson, Transportation

“I no longer make assumptions. I ask more open-ended questions and allow the customer to shape the direction of the conversation. This has led to less time wasted and more effective messaging, which has led to market share growth.”
- Account Manager, Medical Devices

“We have activated all but one of our ‘at risk’ clients through the use of the techniques learned. They are on the path to being some of our best revenue clients.”
- Sales Director, Healthcare