Miller Heiman brings precision to the art of selling. Our simple, powerful processes and tools help drive performance.  Miller Heiman has been defining and documenting successful selling for more than 30 years. We produce the largest, most comprehensive global research study on sales effectiveness – the Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study. This study, combined with our experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s leading companies, has kept us relevant over three decades of change.

Over one million alumni worldwide can testify to the impact Miller Heiman has had on their career and their income.


We believe that successful selling is based on fundamental and repeatable processes. Our core programs, Strategic Selling® and Conceptual Selling®, are the gold standard for managing complex sales. They provide a common language and common-sense approach to sales management for organizations around the globe.

Our sales consultants bring real-world experience from their careers as sales leaders to each engagement. We don’t use role playing or case studies in our programs. Participants bring their own sales opportunities to the sales training and develop plans they can implement immediately.

We also offer tools to reinforce and support the sales process including CRM integration of program worksheets and access to online Alumni Reinforcement.

Performance = Results

More Sales. Better Sales.  Whether you are looking to increase productivity, improve forecasting, protect margins, or allocate resources more effectively, Miller Heiman consultants will help you create a plan to meet your goals and deliver measurable results.  Bring us your toughest deal or most promising account. We’ll gladly prove it.

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