Are you from a sales organization that sells into Hospitals, IDN’s or GPO’s? Selling has become more complex and delivering value in the customers’ eyes is more difficult.  Administration is more involved than ever and having the best product clinically isn’t enough to secure the business?

Our company, TeamBuilders International, has been working with companies that sell into hospitals for 21 years. As Miller Heiman consultants, we work with these clients to help them to navigate the hospital buying processes for capital and consumable sales.
Have you ever had a sales training company come in to work with your people and they used examples from another industry and had no clue what hospital selling was all about?

If you are considering implementing sales training for your hospital selling team, you should talk to us to ensure that you work with a company that understands your world, your challenges and will use examples that are meaningful to your people. Utilizing Miller Heiman’s world class sales methodologies, we tailor every session for a clients to ensure that the program is meaningful for your people and most importantly that everything is tied to your sales execution objectives.

We manage our clients’ projects all over the world and ensure that you have the resources you need, in the language of your choice and with relevant meaningful facilitation that is relates to the world in which your people sell.

Our services include:

  • Global Miller Heiman project management and deployment
  • Cultural adoption and roll out planning
  • Facilitator preparation
  • Tools integration
  • Marketing alignment workshops
  • Sales Playbook development
  • Sales manager preparation and coaching
  • Training ROI measurement pre and post
  • Personality profiling certification for hiring, communication and coaching