Advanced ConceptsSM

Expanding the expertise and effectiveness of the sales professional

Advanced ConceptsSM supports an organization’s overall goals of increasing productivity, improving forecasting, achieving quota, protecting margins, and increasing sales. It does this by helping Miller Heiman alumni consistently adopt and skillfully apply effective processes that have been proven to bring outstanding results.

A Team of World-Class Coaches behind You
Focusing on the biggest issues and obstacles that salespeople and managers face during the sales process, Miller Heiman subject matter experts expand on key concepts learned in Miller Heiman programs and provide highly-tactical advice on how to effectively execute on those critical elements of the process. It’s like having a team of world-class coaches who are constantly fine tuning your strategy to win.

Tools to Turbo Charge Front-line Sales Managers
Aside from the modules that their sales team members receive, sales managers get turnkey, preformatted agenda and coaching questions to support them as they map out strategies with their teams in pursuing each deal. Advanced ConceptsSM provides tools to turbo-charge front-line sales managers so they can be even more capable leaders.

Advanced Concepts Overview
Program Overview

Exclusive to Miller Heiman Alumni

Advanced Concepts for Conceptual Selling takes adoption of the Conceptual Selling® process to the next level. It empowers sales professionals to make every customer interaction count.
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Advanced Concepts for Strategic Selling empowers sales professionals to improve their performance by providing real world, practical application of concepts learned from Strategic Selling.
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Advanced Concepts for Strategic Selling/Conceptual Selling offers a deeper dive into the process of strategically pursuing complex opportunities by understanding the buying and selling processes at work.
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