The TeamBuilders Approach:

TeamBuilders is a sales consulting firm focused on helping our clients execute their sales strategy. By aligning to our clients organizational objectives, we deliver measurable outcomes not normally achieved with typical “training” type engagements.

TeamBuilders Sample Clients

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Our Recommendations:

  • Develop Custom Playbook
  • Implement Conceptual Selling (months 0-6)
  • Implement Strategic Selling (months 6-12) for critical deals
  • Closed Loop Coaching for managers
  • Beyond ROI Measurement
  • Sales Access Manager Integration


Conventional Sales Training Implementation


TeamBuilders’ Implementation Model


Additional Services

  • Playbook (Sales Process Development)
  • Individual, Management and Team Coaching
  • Customized Workshops
  • Behavior Assessment Tools for Hiring, Communication and Coaching

Our Partners

miller-heiman_logoMiller Heiman brings precision to the art of selling.  Intuitive and powerful processes and tools help drive sales performance.


beyondroi_logoBeyond ROI assessment and measurement tools are simple, relevant and actionable.  They help companies quantify the impact of training and development and identify specific opportunities to optimize results.


pdp_logoPDP helps organizations measure, map and mine the total potential of their workforce.


The Miller Heiman Approach:

Achieving sales-execution excellence requires strategic alignment and consistent performance from every member of your sales team. That’s why Miller Heiman works collaboratively with all levels of your organization – serving as a trusted advisor to senior sales leaders and a key resource to sales management, sales operations, sales effectiveness and sales training functions.

We’ve built our Miller Heiman sales programs based on an interactive approach, so you can work with real, live deals that reflect the challenges in your organization. Before the sales training program, you’ll identify issues and opportunities in your own accounts. During the program, you’ll set sales strategies and action plans to fit your individual needs, leveraging dynamic feedback and discussions that may offer important sales solutions insights and new market perspectives related to customer requirements.

Join the more than one million alumni who’ve benefited from our sales programs’ customer-centric focus. You can participate in a number of ways:

Public Workshops
Our popular public sales training workshops are intense one-to-three-day sales training programs open to anyone within your organization who may have direct or indirect contact with your customer base. More

On-site programs
Through our on-site option, a Miller Heiman facilitator will work with your sales organization to understand your exact business objectives to deliver a tailored sales training program. Customized materials are available for organizations that wish to incorporate their mission statements and ideologies into presentations used by sales program facilitators. More

You may find it beneficial to certify individuals within your organization to facilitate Miller Heiman sales training programs. Miller Heiman’s Train-the-Trainer programs allow participants to become Miller Heiman Client Associates by attending an intensive four-day workshop for each selling process to be implemented. Currently, certification is available for Strategic Selling®, Conceptual Selling®, LAMP®, and Negotiate Success. More

Convenient e-Learning sales training programs are designed for those members of your sales organization that support your sales force, including pre-sales, product marketing, and customer support. More

Blended learning
Blended training learning consists of web delivery of the Miller Heiman concepts, theory, philosophy and approach, followed by an instructor-led classroom experience. Participants gain virtual “text-book” sales training and sales technique knowledge, while taking advantage of the brainstorming and synergy created when salespeople gather in the same room. More

Miller Heiman for Sales Education
Miller Heiman’s world-class sales strategy and sales performance methodologies are now available to colleges and universities. More