MHI Global has invested in a new post program assessment system called Fluid Survey Evaluations. The process will change slightly and we would like to make you aware of these changes.

1)     How will program participants be informed about their registration to the Knowledge Center?

When the Measurement Team generates the evaluation through Fluid Survey, the program participant will receive an email. The email will include information for registration to the Knowledge Center upon completion of the evaluation.

When the program participant completes the last question of the evaluation, they will be automatically triggered to register at the Knowledge Center.

2)     Will the evaluations be similar to the Survey Gizmo evaluations?

Yes – The evaluations will be the same questions, with two changes:

1)     The evaluations will no longer include the participant name fields and other personal info. This information no longer auto-fills into the Knowledge Center, so the fields have been removed to prevent the participant from having to enter the data within the evaluation, and again when they register at the Knowledge Center.

2)     The vast majority of evaluations pertain to six methodologies. Therefore, those six types of evaluations will have the additional specific questions regarding the methodology. The others will not include questions specific to methodology. (see #7 for a list of methodologies).

3)     Will evaluations still go out for all MH brand programs?


4)     What methodologies will have specific questions about the methodology?

  • Conceptual Selling
  • Strategic Selling
  • Strategic Selling/Conceptual Selling
  • LAMP
  • Strategic Selling/LAMP

5)     What languages will the evaluations be available?

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese

6)     What is the expected delivery timeframe for evaluations once the rosters are uploaded into CRM?

1 – 3 business days upon receipt by the Measurement Team. The Measurement Team is located in Tampa, FL (Eastern Standard Time).

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