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As sales consultants, we often find a large percentage of our time discuss the “in-class” experience of the sales and marketing team. Although, I certainly agree that learning occurs in this environment–(smiley sheets may not be the best metric–but I digress)–In my opinion the organizations that achieve the highest return on their time and dollars invested, develop internal process experts.

These internal process experts are trained to not only facilitate, but more importantly, to provide post-program coaching and reinforcement through critical deal reveals, key account meetings, refresher sessions and so on.

The Client Associate or Subject Matter Expert (our terms for Train-the-Trainer) may be on a career path towards an internal training role or sales management. They may already be in a sales leadership position and developing this expertise enables them to be more productive in their role as coaches.

Their focus, post the training session, is to ensure traction of the methodology, and most importantly, that the critical behaviors desired to execute the sales strategy are being applied, coached, reinforced and measured.

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